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So I’m mixing things up a little; For one, I’m compiling everything from my travels – notes, photographs, travel tips, Facebook posts, personal journals – into a blog. So bear with me while I figure out what I’m doing….and there will hopefully be many more entries to come 🙂 For another, I’m not travelling alone! I love travelling alone, but some things – such as the Interrail that is planned for this summer – should really be done with friends. Two more photographers, two more writers, two more planners, that’s triple the awesomeness. So I have given both of them the top secret password to this blog, and you will shortly be seeing pictures and perhaps some entries from them as well. So first of all, apologies for the rather chaotic and so far non-descript updates. I’m slowly finding my way around the workings of the blog world, not an easy feat when done from hostel computers that are not only unbelievably slow but also stubbornly set on Czech. But more importantly there has, between sight seeing and train trips, finding our way without speaking the language and, of course, having good food, along with struggling with the impossibly slow (and slightly dodgy) polish internet access, simply not been time. Which is why I am now, in true interrail fashion, writing this from the tiny shaking bed in the night train on the way to Budapest……….


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