Budapest, Hungary (Interrail 4)

Ice cream for breakfast
St. Stephen’s Basilica by Day

Yes, I know……we’ve gone from Berlin to Budapest and skipped some steps in between. Oh well. The reason is that the hostel in Budapest has an amazing computer, and that I thought you would appreciate a more up-to-date blog entry. So while the other two are figuring out the stop number 5 for this afternoon, let me introduce you to Budapest…..

View of the Royal Palace from Chain Bridge

Along the River

The main attractions – the Chain Bridge with the iconic Lion, the Royal Palace at the top of the hill opposite the bridge, and world’s largest Parliament – are all situated along the Duna which separates Buda and Pest. So we spent the day walking up and down the river…and up and down the banks on each side, always with a beautiful view of the buildings on the opposite side of the water.

Because photographic the lion from the front is too mainstream.
Chain Bridge by Night
Great view hiking up to the palace!
Royal Palace by Day
Royal Palace by Night
Expert tourist photography: “Point towards the bridge guys!”

We’d stored our bags in the hostel in the morning, arriving in a sweltering heat. So we were grateful for the cold air that came in with some rain clouds. Which weren’t bad for some interesting background colours to the copper topped Royal Palace, either 😀

Royal Palace
Royal Guard
Royal Palace
Royal Palace

More walking! Up some more hills for some lunch at the Fisherman’s Bastion…….

Fisherman’s Bastion
View onto the Parliament from Fisherman’s Bastion

….and back down to cross the bridge and head towards the Parliament building;

Parliament Building

The thunder storm that had been following us has finally caught up with us…..and what initially seemed like a drizzle turned into a full-blown downpour of thumb sized pieces of hail. We found cover in a little alcove by a tourist office, along with several other stranded locals and tourists. Half an hour later, after we had long made camp and brought out books and snacks, the onslaught of hail had subsided to a simple rain……..and we half ran, half swam our way back.

Water from above and Water from below

At least we weren’t complaining about the heat anymore 😉 So now drenched wet and dripping wet we arrived back at  the hostel to collect our bags.

View from our hostel……still raining

Long hot showers and some improvised drying racks later we had set up a cosy fort in our apartment, with a view on the lit up Basilica and the plaza from our very comfy window ledge, enjoying some peace and quiet along with home made “alpha-numerical soup”. (Thank the engineer for that one 😉 )

Into the Baths

No, we don’t have any pictures from the Baths…..unlike some other well-prepared tourists we didn’t own a water-proof-selfie-stick-iphone-photo-contraption, and enjoyed the warm pools without technology 😉 All I can say is that they are perfect for a day off from busy travelling, and well worth the visit.

Memento Park

Stalin’s Boots

The statutes are meant to give an impression of what live was like in Hungary under communism. Whether the communist statute park really achieves this I don’t know, but the park itself is impressive. Mainly because we didn’t quite know how to interpret half of the statutes ourselves, I`ve left them all uncommented in the Memento Park Photo Gallery.

St. Stephen’s Basilica by Night

Spent the last morning having rose shaped ice cream for breakfast (how cool is that?!) and figuring out the last stop. The initial plan was Belgrad……but I think we’ve changed our mind after we discovered that the train will be leaving from an out of the way platform that already seems dodgy in bright day light, never mind at 10 in the evening… So wait and see, I guess 😉


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