Prague, Czech Republic (Interrail 2)

Interrail 2015 464

Welcome to the terracotta covered and copper topped city of Prague! We’ve  used up the first of our travel days on a beautiful 5 hour train journey from Germany to a very warm and sunny Czech Republic! Have a look out for a post called Turning Nocturnal to read about some funny night (and day) train stories. But for now, this……is Prague;

Interrail 2015 260

Interrail 2015 248Our first stop? A beergarden, not necessarily for the beer, but more for the stunning view from the park over downtown Prague across the Vltava. A llittle further on we also had a great view over the Charles Bridge.

Interrail 2015 370The Charles Bridge leads the way to the Prague Castle. From what we`ve gathered, there seems to be a typical tourist route…the route also recommended to us by a lovely couple on the train…leading around the Castle and then down to the Bridge, showing off both of Prague`s highlights in one. But what we also gathered is that this toursit route is – surprisingly enough – filled with tourists.

And after a walk across the Charles Bridge on the first day and a walk around the Castle the day after we`d had our fair share of selfie-stick carrying masses and promptly took a detour through a side road that lead to a forest path and up the the Royal Gardens.

Worth it, right? So basically, lots and lots of walking. We`ve also reached proper summer temperatures now, with a cloudless sky and a heat wave, so our walk around the city involved a stop at an adorable second hand (English) book shop and a lot of hours chilling and reading in the shade of the park in the hottest hours.

Interrail 2015 331

The aimless walks around the city also brought us past some funky art, especially around the John Lennon café (which blares our Lennon and Beatles music all day), as well as these statutes of oversized babies. The reason I photographed them from the side…and behind…are not just because a photo from the front is too mainstream, but also because the faces were squished together into rectangular blocks and simply freaked me out.

Interrail 2015 311Interrail 2015 310

The last day in Prague put the temperature at a peak, and we spent the first few hours of the day in the park, which also gave a nice escape from the masses of tourists that had arrived for the weekend. A walk through the park brought us across the river and towards a rather isolated French Chalet with some intriguing statutes and, more importantly, some colder passageways.  It also gave us something a place to play around with the cameras. The cover picture at the top was a fun one to take, because it put two people into the frame but neither could see the other. Also, credit should be due for some creative statute imitation and beautiful acting skills on our part 😉

Interrail 2015 552

Lastly, partly to kill some time before the night train down to Krakow and partly because it was still incredibly hot we took a detour towards the river. It`s smell and the industrial factories upsteam made the water itself a little questionable, but it was at least very refreshing.

Interrail 2015 605

And thus concludes Prague, although the day isn`t over just yet…..for one, it`s our very first night train experience! And for another, with sweat and sand and questionable river water and who knows what else we will see how showering at a train station works out. First time for everything, eh?


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