Krakow, Poland (Interrail 3)

So we have left the blazing heat of Prague and ended up in Krakow. I`m not sure if this would usually have been on the plan, we were heading for the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial site, and Krakow gave us a good chance to drop off our bags and have a shower before and have a bed after. Interrail 2015 743 With the visit to Auschwitz we only had a day in Krakow, although I don`t think we would have known what to do with more days anyway. From the town square to the slightly dodgy street (the best wifi connection was called masturbator 600, I think that sums it up pretty well) by the hostel to the harsher manner of the people I don`t think we found too many things to love here. Nothing stood out in particular in the city either, but maybe that`s because it was difficult to impress us with copper topped domes after Prague. Interrail 2015 774We took the opportunity to stroll around without too much of a schedule and plan, and had a chance to play around with the camera. This was a stone staircase right by the water. Of course, there is no trip to Poland without getting to know what Poland is also (in)famous for – the vodka. After the day we were so exhausted and starving that we just walked into the first restaurant we found from the hostel, and only realized from the skulls on the wall, the mulled wine and meat-laden menu, the spears by the counter and the dark wood chairs that we had ended up in a Viking themed restaurant. Perhaps not traditionally Polish, but they had food and, as we then found out, delicious mulled wine so we were happy (Evita disagrees, apparently having intestines in your food is not appetizing….so picky!!) and had a good laugh when Henry ordered a meal that came in a “bread bowl”…..which was, quite literally, a hollowed out loaf of bread laden with food. We did realize though that we should at least add some Polish heritage to our experience as well, and without much ado played the lost tourist and asked the waiter to bring us what he thought was a good vodka. And found out that that is probably the best way to get the best…….

I`ve forgotten by now in which order all of this happened, I did keep track in a diary at some point, but we left it…somewhere. On a night train, I think. So apologies for throwing any chronological order out the window. In any case, we saw a church! Not too impressive I know. But it is impressive when there is a tiny labyrinth of white walls underneath the alter. A little creepy? Yes, definitely. Very eerie, with few people and all of those walking around silently, with lots of niches and shadowy corners, with being in the basement of a church.  But despite this, or maybe because of this, it left an impression.

Finally, we walked up to the castle. I think partly because we were tired at this point and partly because the castle just wasnt that interesting (at least from the outside, entrance to see the inside just seemed too expensive) we ended up taking about a thousand pictures of ourselves and hardly any of the castle. Or we`re just a bunch of camera obsessed egoists. Who knows.

I know, charming. Oh wait, there is a picture of the castle, I suppose I`ll have to share that.

Interrail 2015 859In any case, our next stop is Budapest!


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