Photo Challenge: Stories, Signs, Symbols

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

Once you change your perspective
on what a miracle is,
you will start seeing miracles
Easter Sunday 2015

The Easter weekend had started off grey and cloudy, but the sun was now pushing through the clouds. And as it  gradually became brighter  I watched as  shadows grew behind the pillars, forming a line of dark grey crosses on the cement .

I suppose, on any other day, this would have made a great photograph. But I think the best Photography is when there is a purpose behind the picture – a story, a sign, a symbol – that gives the picture a message. And whether you are Christian, or religious at all, or not at all, I think this leaves a beautiful message. Personally, this picture has become a symbol of one of my favourite quotes; that once you change your perspective on what a miracle is, you`ll start seeing miracles everywhere.

This picture was taken by a port about 3km away from Windsor Castle, on a road trip through the UK.

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