Photo Challenge: Half & Half

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”

What do you see when you think “Half & Half”? 

I see Skagen in Denmark; where the dark blue North Sea meets the green Baltic Sea, the picture split in half by turbulant waves and a line of white foam where the two clash.

I see New York City; a picture taken from Central Park where the one half of green bushy trees and curvy paths is juxtaposed with the grey squared skyscapers and grided streets on the other half.

“Half & Half” makes me think of contrasts, of juxtapositions, of opposites. 

So when looking for a photos for this challenge I was looking for an image that embodies opposites, and found what is perhaps the epitome of juxtapositions – Life and Death;


The branch splits in half – the one full of life, green and bearing bright red fruits, the other a single dried leaf. 

I suppose this picture embodies more than just a juxtaposition – it symbolized that something can only flourish with something else dying, that in an oriental Ying Yang orientation there must be a balance between opposites, that death does not exist without life and that perhaps life has no value without death. The green flourishing branch is given its value and beauty through the dying branch it shares its roots with, on both a literal and metaphorical level.

This “Hecken-Rose” originally grows by the beach on an island in the north of Germany (yes, Germany has a beach, it`s cold and grey and windy), my second home and favourite place in the world. And this one grows right by our door step, a year-round reminder of the summer and winter holidays spent there.


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