Croatia; Split & Bosca Voda (Interrail 5)

So first of all massive apologies for the radio silence – as you have probably guessed it`s been goodbye to the holidays and back to work, and it`s been a hectic – though exciting – couple of weeks. I´m still trying to fill in the last couple of stages of our Interrail, mainly Kroatia and Slovenia, although I think I´ll cut short on the writing and just share some pictures with you that now hold great memories and really tell a story for themselves. Okay, and maybe a bit of writing. Sorry.

Interrail 2015 1495

Arriving in Split was somewhat of an experince in itself – after a 16 hour train journey and fighting ourselves through an attack of tourist offers and souvenier stands we found the heart of Split inside the Diocletian Palace. Superb weather, relaxed cafes and…….these people. I`m not too sure what this was. Lots of people playing music and dancing.

The happy and relaxed atmosphere was definitely inviting – but we had other plans and were keen to get away from the tourist packed city, so two hours later we found ourselves packed on a bus on the way to Bosca Voda.

When Life Gives You Lemonade

As those of you who followed our adventure while we were on it will know, we had no plans of where we were going beforehand and were making it up as we went. We`d originally planned to head off Belgrade (well, actually our plans involved a 50 hour excursion to Narvik, but that`s a story for another time), but after learning that the train there departed from what was probably the most dingy train station we had ever seen we promply changed our plans and took the first train to Split. Which gave us just enough time to grab our things from the hostel, buy some food and get on the train, without any further plans other than Destination Kroatia.

We did manage to book a room from the train, but from the lack of online reviews and descriptions we went with the cheapest place that was not in Split itself. So we were heading to Bosca Voda not quite sure what to expect.

Whatever. The weather was great and the beach was close, so no worries.

And you know what? No worries was just the start of it.  Because we arrived to a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, kitchen, terrace apartment with a five minute walk to the beach, swimming pools and free breakfast. Sometimes life you gives you lemonade. And what do you do when that happens? You lie down by the pool and the beach and enjoy it.

Welcome to luxury back-packing.

We spent the mornings having breakfast, the afternoons sleeping by the beach, the evenings having good food, and the nights drinking wine on our terrace and enjoying a clear view of the stars.

And playing around with the camera, of course.

Interrail 2015 1559

Interrail 2015 1590

We did head back to Split to visit Krka National Park from there, and saw a little bit of Split itself as well.

Diocletian`s  Palace

Interrail 2015 2114

This guy had a lucky toe. And probably some other, greater significance as well, standing in all his pride by the northern entrance of the palace. By the time we got back from Krka we were too exhausted to see what this statue was really representing, and just lay down in grassy park outside the entrance of the palace.

Interrail 2015 2120

The allmighty guardians of the palace. Proudly sponsored by Marlboro.

Interrail 2015 2151

The palace itself was impressive though, from what we saw of it in our hungry and tired state. Beautifully preserved, with quaint little shops on the inside.

i don`t remember how the rest opf the stay in Split went….we slept in Split for a night, maybe. But we did find ourselves back on a night train and a 16 hour journey back up north…….Destination Ljubjana.


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