From Every Perspective

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.

Three Pictures – Three Perspectives

I once read a quote that said a camera is a tool that will help us see the world without a camera;

1.) Changing Perspectives through Photography

If you take out that a camera as a tool for photography itself – photography as a hobby or vocation – I feel like this is quite true. By zooming in, having squared border order around your vision, being forced to focus on individual aspects and taking them apart in terms of light and shadow, I at least learn to see the world for its richness and the inherent beauty in the simplest objects.

2.) Changing Perspective through (Little) People

Last summer I bought a few boxes of little sculptured people normally used for model train landscapes, and I started to play around with them as objects for pictures. For being only 4mm small, they present quite a challenge; the hot summer days found me swearing at the tiny figures falling, breaking, getting lost, and spending ages with the correct focus on the camera, and lying on the floor in the dirt to get to their level. It did, without a doubt, give me a change of perspective – a pencil became a barrier, a fly became a monster, a rose became as big as a house.

3.) Changing Perspectives through Position

Lastly and most self-explanatory: the challenge asked for three pictures, and here are three pictures. Two zoomed in – one from the front, one from the back – and one zoomed out to put the first two in context.


The idea of using model skulptures and setting them into the human world is not, sadly, my own idea. There`s a few photographers who use them as photo opbjects in this way, and I don`t know who started it, but I got my inspiration from Slinkachu. Here`s a link to the blog, some of the ideas are incredibly creative and thoroughly entertaining, so definitely worth a look;

spilt milk 1b - blog

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