Impressions of Japan

A country characterized by the dichotomy of being both rooted in beautiful traditions and bound by a mentality that surges towards the most modern age yet. The people with manners as meticulous and methodical as the flawlessly organized subway system.

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In the last week, I have gotten lost in Tokyo – a city just a little bit too massive and uptight for my liking – have gotten in Kyoto – a city that i felt at home in almost immediately, have gotten lost in the subway stations, the parks, and even a department store. After that one, I figured that getting lost is just inevitable here, and gave up on trying not to. I fell in love with Tokyo at night, the ridiculously organized subway system, and the fact that this country seems to serve everything from coffee to cake to ice cream in green. With its crazy/cool food and mounts of colourful, unnecessary, awesome STUFF, this week has made my purse a lot lighter and my bag a little heavier 


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