A Blank Page

Today I close the pages of the the 365 page book that was 2015. And what a year it was, full of adventure and excitement.

We ventured far on the Interrail, and came back with many more ideas of where to venture next time. Italy? Norway? Or somehwere completely new? Perhaps we`ll end up in Narvik after all.

I was at a Christmas party a few weeks ago, talking so someone from Nepal living in the UK who had was half way through with his masters. All the students there were at various stages of their degree, some just started, some almost done. And I realized that I have no idea where I will be in a year`s time.Next year, at some Christmas party, with wine and charades and party hats, where will I be? And what will I be telling people when they ask “what do you do”? No clue. I guess I have a while to figure it out. For now I´m spending New Year at home, with the family, baking muffins. But I can`t wait to see what the new year will bring.

Tomorrow will be the first blank page of a new 365 page book.
Make it a good one.

Travel safely my friends.

Until next year,
Love from Germany.


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Traveller, Writer, Travel Writer in the Making.

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