It is finished.

“Twilight” : half. light.


Half light. Half dark. This picture taken at the Grand Canyon seems to capture the moment perfectly, with the disappearing sun casting a golden coat of light over the rocks, while in the depth of the canyon there is already a complete darkness rising from shifting shadows*.

Twilight is defined as the “soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere”. But with unrelenting human sentimentality it becomes a time of ambiguity and obscurity in which we fathom the movement of time and space and begin to ask the real questions of life.

The only time of the day we can see the world change before our eyes, where the change happens to fast that it seems to freeze time itself. Caught between the end of the day and the start of the night we look across the schism of light and dark to be at eye level with the sun itself, to see it set in what is almost an anti-climax of sudden chills and the quick onset of darkness, to watch the last light rays of the sun disappear, dragged along with it like golden liquid ribbons.

Every day we can fathom at this golden light making its way across the domed sky and disappear , only to see it rise again the next day. How fitting a theme when today the Christian community is celebrating Jesus Christ declaring “it is finished”, only for something greater to begin.

Farewell and wide my friends, until next time. And Happy Easter ya`ll.



In response to the Weekly Photo ChallengeHalf-Light

*Apologies for the poetics, I desperately needed to clear a serious writer`s block. I know the picture above hardly covers the undescribable beauty of the Grand Canyon, so I`ve uploaded a video as well. Enjoy!


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