Slovenia; Ljubljana & Bovec

We feel like well-worn travellers now, speeding into Slovenia on our final loop back round to central Europe. We`re met at the station by a run down, dodgey coffee shop that sheltered us from the rain, served us coffee, and even had wifi.

Interrail 2015 2286

We`ve found what`s probably my favourite hostel yet, so I`ll give it a special mention – tucked into a parking lot that acts as a permanent museum for some really cool graffiti art it looks a bit like an abandoned art studio from the outside.

Interrail 2015 2282

The top rooms are tucked neatly into a large attick decorated with light wood, the beds fit into the niches (although I have to say I`m surprised nobody bumped their head getting up in the morning). The hostel hosts events in the evening and serves breakfast in the morning, and – our favourite – has a little outdoor courtyard with hammocks.

Lake Bled

We went into Ljubljana for some food in the evening, but our first trip – in part to make use of all of our rail pass – was to Lake Bled. We spent the day strolling lazily around the lake – with the shimmering lake in front and the dark green hills all around us. Fed some ducks, read some books, watched some rowers, and had some food in the mildly overpriced restaurant, where I am sure we lowered the average age of visitors by about 30 years. Sent a postcard and got on the train back home. Oh yeah, took some pictures;


Interrail 2015 2249

Interrail 2015 2277              Interrail 2015 2168



Interrail 2015 2292

Spent the remaining days walking around and exploring Ljubjana. There`s no other way to describe it – this city is really, really wonderful and cute.

Interrail 2015 2324Interrail 2015 2303

I think we saw most of the city in the space of an afternoon, but between visiting the market, finding all of the cool bridges decorated with dragons and walking up the the castle, it`s definitely been a good two days. And the entire city is filled with cafes and restaurants.

Oh yeah, we also spent an entire afternoon sitting by a pavilion in the middle of town while Henry looked at a bike tour going past. Apparently it was a big deal or something. I`ll spare you the 50+ pictures of bikers I am now in the proud possession of 😉





We’d managed an impromptu trip to Bovec, and made it worthwhile. (We went white water rafting whooo!).

What we hadn’t figured out was how to get back to Ljubljana. At this point we needed to make sure that we made our way back North and have our travel times line up with flights back home. Given that Bovec consists of one street, alternating between hostels, restaurants, and adventure companies, we figured our best bet was to ask at the hostel on how to get back – and so we found out that travel in Bovec usually work through hitchhiking.

I don’t think we were particularly worried about being picked up by someone, apparently that`s just how things work here – but we were three people with three bags, and the chances of being picked up together were pretty slim. So after some ado – which I have long forgotten – we managed to find a bus that would take us back to Ljubljana. Much more comforting. And even better – it would take a special summer route through the mountain pass!

Ha…..ha…..yeah. If you get motion sick, or get scared of hights, or get nervous in cars, or buses, or are somewhat reluctant to trust a stanger behind a wheeel with your life while he’s maneuvering a 30 people bus around 50 hairpin turns (they had little signs to count down), then maybe a mountain pass route is not for you. On the bright side, nobody was sick and the view after final hairpin turn #1 was amazing. And we even made it back down the other side safely and got back to Ljubljana by the evening.

So we’ve managed to end it on a high – in every sense of the world – before heading back to Germany. Two more stops to go, next one is München.

Until then – Cheers (or rather Na zdravje)!




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