The transcient and the resolute.

It was one of those warm, lazy evenings just outside LA, when people stroll across piers and dip their feet in the water and are amused by impromtu street performers and eat clams at restraunts that border on the beach. Nothing spectacular, but comfortable, and a break from the haze of the city on the road through California.

And because it was very warm, and lazy, and non spectacular, I only have two pictures, but I couldn`t think of a theme they cold both suit better than “transcient”.


The first picture I took was the sky at sunset – a sunset that went from light blue to orange to pink in the way that the sun sets over the sea in the summer. The afternoon had seen some clouds, which along with the silhouette of the palm strees along the streets made it almost tacky. But with the clouds moving past us and the sun setting, the sky became almost spectacularly transient (from the Latin, transire – to pass over), changing colour and casting a different light every second.


Cast in this light – the second picture – was of this old (and I mean, old) VW Van parked by the pier. No paint, rust on every crook, with dents and bumps and scratches. But still working (I think). And I thought it was beautiful that while  the waves came and went, the people strolled past, and the sun changed the light of the sky, this van just resolutely continued to exist, marked by time but not succuming to it. I wonder how many sunsets it has seen.

So I`ve been off the blog sphere for a while now – but what a beautiful theme, it`s pulled me straight back in. More from others here.



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