my makeshift scapbook.

Travel paraphernalia makes for some pretty cool collages (or sometimes just a fricken mess in a box). Personally, I prefer the old cut & paste (the vintage version) of used maps, post cards, travel brochures, anything really, to turn my travel diaries into part diary and part makeshift scrapbook.

More because I keep forgetting to throw these out than anything else, I have ended up with an entire collection of travel cards – temporary day cards, city travel cards, rail cards. I used to have a rather impressive collection of flight tickets too, before those became electronic. There`s also the occasional Oyster card from London and a myki card that someone passed on to me in Melbourne, both of which will be passed on to the next fellow traveller that I meet in need of it. In the meantime, they make for a pretty neat Collage.

So here it is, a rare look into my travel diary. This particular page even comes with a cheesy quote (my apologies).


Travel far and wide my friends. Peace out.

More awesome ideas on Collages here!

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